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Located in Grandview Heights Ohio we are proud to be a member of the surrounding community now for 7 years and have been teaching for 18 years now. Since we started teaching almost two decades ago, we can provide a wide range of musical  instruction services including but not limited to:

Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Drum Lessons, and Piano Lessons too.

Here are some of our Customer Testimonials:

Hank Gleissner – Co-Founder – Micro-Center – Columbus Ohio

Becky Laroe – Anesthesiologist – Columbus Ohio

Mike Latas – State of Ohio Attorney – Upper Arlington Ohio

Chris Minton – Bank Operations Manager – Westerville Ohio

George Speaks – Grandview Heights

Kathy Davis – The ‘Cool’ Mom – Columbus Ohio

Laura Lombardi – Math Teacher – New Albany

Leslie Caborn – Attorney – Upper Arlington Ohio

Hal Tarazi – Cutco – Columbus Ohio


Looking To Learn to Play an Instrument?

It’s not as tough as you may think. In fact, many people struggle for years learning simply because they aren’t shown things in the correct order or sequence. Normally folks think that twinkle twinkle little star will be their first tune right out of the gate. As hard as it is to believe, there are still teachers who insist using this tired and often boring method of teaching.We realize that it’s not about the teacher and their wants as much as it’s about the student and their needs too (uhem…fun).

Personalization of Lessons Curriculum…

-You don’t have to jump through conventional unnecessary hoops in learning and waste your time and money in the process.

-We point you straight to the musical  goods and you’ll start playing right away!

– All Materials Included – No books to buy ever.

You don’t have to spend hundreds on music books and other non-essentials if you don’t want to. All our teaching materials were developed with you the student in mind. Learn faster and comprehend more in less time. We also provide you with a free metronome and tuner if needed.

Quick Online Checkout and Record Keeping

You don’t have to waste time writing out, stamping, and/or mailing a check and fumbling for cash. Our quick and easy checkout system keeps immaculate records of each and every payment for you. You can log in anytime and easily see all of your transactions You can also quickly download them into book most book-keeping software too (ie Quicken, Quickbooks etc).

Cool Email and Text Message Lesson Reminders…

Having  automated lesson reminders show up on your smart phone puts you out in front with the convenience of knowing exactly what time & when your lesson is coming up and keeps you in the loop and in the know even when your schedule gets crazy.

How We Are Different…

Besides the benefits outlined above, it is very important to us that each student receives personalized and effective instruction. Since 80% of folks are visual learners we make good use of colored charts and diagrams to ensure
full comprehension. Since 99% of our students truly understand music, they want to practice. They don’t need to be told!

  1. Save Money with Competitive Lesson Rates
  2. Save Time with Quick and Easy Checkout
  3. Easy To Learn – Structured and Paced Curriculum
  4. All Materials Included – No Books To Buy Ever!
  5. Email/Text Lesson Reminders For Busy Folks
  6. Safe and Easy Parking
  7. Rescheduling/Makeups Permitted
  8. Instruments available for First Timers

Above all we foster an open and relaxing learning environment for everyone from kids to adults.

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Student Testimonials below are coming!

Beth Taggart – Upper Arlington

Laura Lombardi – Grandview Ohio

Hal Tarazi – Columbus Ohio

Kathy Davis – Upper Arlington Ohio

Leslie Caborn – Upper Arlington Ohio

George Speaks – Grandview Ohio

Don Lewis – Clintonville Ohio

Karen Van Hoff – Gahanna Ohio

Hank Gleissner – Columbus Ohio

Michael Latas – Upper Arlington Ohio

Becky Laroe – Upper Arlington Ohio

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