Guitar Lessons Columbus Ohio – 6 Things We Offer…

Guitar Lessons in Columbus Ohio – Beginners are Welcome…

Thanks for stopping by our site. If you’v come here looking for columbus guitar lessons we are at your service. In addition, if you’re here for online video lessons click here to see the latest coupons codes and the percentage discounts. we’re here to make your lesson musical and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be playing.

Learning guitar can be a very rewarding experience. Having fun playing is important and so we like to customize the lesson to the students needs. It doesn’t matter if none of you relatives play guitar or plays music (it helps if they do), but we can get you to where you need to go.

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Second Floor Studios came to Grandview Heights in 2007 and had been operating as a studio since 2003. We are proud to be a part of the surrounding community. Our music courses are geared toward the individual and creating an effective environment for fun and quick learning. For those stretched for drive time and those not in the immediate area, we provide video skype lessons too for those not looking for Guitar lessons in Columbus Ohio:

* Video lesson support, take-home videos for beginners
* Hybrid lessons or crossover training (for two instruments or more)
* Structured, results-oriented curriculum
* No books to buy; all materials included
* Safe and convenient parking
* Top-rated Italian food and drinks downstairs (it’s good)


We Make it E.A.S.Y…

Most experienced folks know little bits of info here and there, but are never able to integrate it into a wider perspective. We’ve found the main reason has a lot to with the order things were presented. Many people learn by “hook & crook” and use whatever ideas they can grasp from folks playing around them (because we all know no one who is ‘good’ is going to tell you their secret right?). Sometimes this works but mostly it creates a ‘traffic jam’ in the mind of the person trying to learn. Better to learn it fresh out of the gate.

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** Student Testimonials **

Micheal/Jill Latas – Attorney – Columbus Ohio

Laura Lombardi – Teacher – New Albany Ohio

Beth Taggart – Teacher – Upper Arlington Ohio

Karen Van Hoff – Concert Photographer – Gahanna Ohio

Kathy Davis – Stay at Home Mom – Upper Arlington Ohio

Christopher Minton – Banking – Columbus Ohio

Hal Tarazi – Musician – Columbus Ohio


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a Written Testimonial:

“I have known Stu Johnson since February, 2009 when I began taking drum lessons at Second Floor Studios. I have worked with other drum instructors in the past but never with one as patient, friendly, and diligent as Stu Johnson. I am very impressed by his knowledge and experience and most importantly his willingness to share what he knows. He has always been willing to go at my pace to and answer any question in ways I can easily understand.”

Stu is also a fantastic drummer and educator, and I highly recommend him and Second Floor Studios.

David Dietz
Senior IT Systems Engineer
Cincinnati, Ohio


Different Approaches Open Doors…

There are also the objective approaches that are based on note reading only and have a tendency to negate the ‘feel’ of the music toward getting it ‘right’ instead of ‘playing it well’. With enough practice you’ll ‘get it right’ but without any fun your gonna wither and die on the vine. Guaranteed. So then what’s the best approach?

Structure in Presenting…

How well you understand something largely depends on how the info you’ve been given fits together as you go along. If your presented first with something you’ll need to know at the end then no good…

Same as with a piece of info that doesn’t fit into the context of what you are teaching. Yes some musicians are spacey but they can still keep track of what they’re to be teaching. However in some cases, they don’t. You just learn one song, then another, then another… rinse repeat… meh


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Songs are great reference points for instruction but are by no means to be used as a “keep teaching and see if they get it” approach. I mean, I wish it did work, but time has told us (myself included) that it doesn’t.

So let’s not kid around… You’re probably here to learn how to play, not to learn how to play other peeps tunes (although that’s okay when you get up to speed). Playing other folks stuff will help you get better and even find your style, but you have to have a solid understanding of the “musical territory” first. Set up a meeting or just click here to buy a set of lessons and I will contact you within 24 hours for scheduling arrangements.




Demo Recording – Stu Johnson – Guitar, Drums, and Bass (8-25-2013)

Demo Recording – Stu Johnson – Guitar, Drums, and Bass (8-10-2013)

Demo Recording – Stu Johnson – Guitar, Drums, and Bass (8-2-2013)

Demo Recording – Stu Johnson – Guitar, Drums, and Bass (6-17-2013)

Demo Recording – Stu Johnson – Guitar, Drums, and Bass (2-5-2013)

Demo Recording – Stu Johnson – Guitar, Drums, and Bass (7-9-2012)

Demo Recording – Stu Johnson – Guitar, Drums, and Bass (8-10-2012)

Demo Recording – Stu Johnson – Guitar, Drums, and Bass (4-10-2011 – Billy Corgan Mix)

Demo Recording – Stu Johnson – Guitar, Drums, and Bass (3-12-2011 – Billy Corgan Mix2)

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